Duane Morrison graduated from Melbourne University, majoring in Composition. Now working mainly in the field of electronic music production and songwriting, his skills in this area cover wide terrain.

Active in the composition of scores for contemporary dance in Melbourne, he has collaborated closely with choreographer Jo Lloyd for over 15 years, receiving a Green Room Award (Music Composition and Sound Design for Dance) for his work on Lloyd and Nicola Gunn's Mermermer (Next Move 2016). He also received Green Room nominations for Apparently That’s What Happened (2008 with David Franzke), Future Perfect (2011/ Dance Massive 2013) and Overture (2018/19).

Other recent collaborations include Melbourne Museum’s LOVE exhibition, Christian Thompson's Berceuse (2017) and Phantom (2018) and Jo Lloyd’s Overture.

His work with theatre practitioner Nicola Gunn/Sans Hotel includes Green Screen for MTC Neon 2014 and In Spite Of Myself for Melbourne Festival 2013.

He has also produced the music for a number of short films and advertisements including 2018’s award-winning IKEA + YOU online and in-store campaign.

For many years he worked alongside club music label Vicious Vinyl, remixing many established Australian artists, and has played a part in releases that have earned accolades including numerous Aria awards and a UK #1 single (Madison Avenue’s ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’). Remixes as half of Sneaker Fox (with DJ Lorne Padman) include Gotye's SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW. 



GARDEN DANCE - (Jo Lloyd - Melbourne Botanic Garden - June 2019)

LIMINAL - (Eugenie Kawabata and Adrian Lander - NGV Melbourne Design Week - April 2019)

LOVE - (Melbourne Museum / Immigration Museum - December 2018 - April 2019)

CUTOUT - (Jo Lloyd - ACCA - in response to Eva Rothschild’s Kosmos exhibition - October 2018)

OVERTURE - (Jo Lloyd - Melbourne Festival 2019/ ArtsHouse - August 2018)

PHANTOM - CHRISTIAN THOMPSON - (Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art)

MUSEUM INSIDE OUT EXHIBITION - (Melbourne Museum Dec 2017 - Feb 2018) - Sound design

BERCEUSE - CHRISTIAN THOMPSON - (Ritual Intimacy Exhibition, MUMA April-July 2017/Origins Festival, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London June 2017))

DEPARTURES exhibition - (Melbourne Design Week - NGV/The Grey Area - March 2017)

QUARK - (Yellow Wheel - Chunky Move Studio - October 2016)

MERMERMER - (Jo Lloyd and Nicola Gunn - Next Move/Chunky Move - September 2016)

CONFUSION FOR THREE - (Jo Lloyd - Arts House - North Melbourne Town Hall - August 2015 / PICA November 2018)

I CAME HERE TO DANCE ONCE  (Yellow Wheel - for Fringe Festival 2014)

GREEN SCREEN   (Nicola Gunn/Sans Hotel - Lawler Theatre for MTC NEON Festival 2014)

PERSONAL MYTHOLOGIES   (Shian Law - North Melbourne Town Hall for Next Wave Festival 2014)

IN SPITE OF MYSELF     (Nicola Gunn/Sans Hotel - George Fairfax Theatre for Melbourne Festival 2013)

24 HOUR NOISE      (Jo Lloyd - Chunky Move Studio - August 10-11 2013)

FUTURE PERFECT    (Jo Lloyd – Trades Hall 2011 and Dance Massive/Meat Market 2013)

THE MEME SHOW    (Shian Law – Lucy Guerin’s Pieces For Small Spaces 2012)

BODY OBSCURE OBJECT    (Shian Law – Melbourne Fringe Festival - Meat Market 2012)

MORE THAN MATTER    (Benjamin Hancock – VCA 2011)

MELBOURNE SPAWNED A MONSTER     (Jo Lloyd - Dancehouse/Dance Massive 2009)

APPARENTLY THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED    (Jo Lloyd – Meat Market 2008) – with David Franzke

PAUSE + DIVERSION   (Deanne Butterworth and Tim Harvey - Melbourne/New York 2006/2007)

MUTE    (Jo Lloyd – Lucy Guerin’s Pieces For Small Spaces 2005)

PUBLIC/UNPUBLIC   (Jo Lloyd – Bank Arts Tokyo 2005 / Chunky Move 2006)

HIGH MAINTENANCE    (Jo Lloyd – Chunky Move 2005)

FRANK   (Jo Lloyd – Dancehouse 2002)